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In Vernon Lee's name

On 28, 29 and 30 August, guests are invited to attend several events organised by Il Palmerino Cultural Association, in collaboration with GADA Playhouse space, inspired by 'The Ballet of the Nations', a 1915 text by English writer Vernon Lee.

The English author was a resident of Villa il Palmerino for almost 50 years, at the turn of the last century. In 2019, two companies working independently, drew inspiration from 'The Ballet of the Nations' and produced two versions of the play: a dance-theatre film made by Bristol-based Impermanence Ballet Company and a site-specific theatre performance by Greek director Angeliki Papoulia that was performed at the Villa il Palmerino.

This August, three years later, the two productions will be discussed together, as we host an event dedicated to workshops, performances and a round table discussion, with the intent of initiating a workshop open to citizens. The goal is to give further visibility to this pacifist text that is extremely topical and ever-present in the collective consciousness. We also aim to spotlight research that has given rise to contemporary reinterpretations of the text.

To complete this cycle dedicated to Vernon Lee, we are hosting the first-ever performance event conceived by choreographer Silvia Giordano, scheduled for 31 August. Together with dancer Ginevra Mazzoni, she will investigate the psychological sphere of unconscious intuition, guided by the research carried out by Vernon Lee and her friend Clementine Anstruther Thomson. Expect an emotional journey that the public will be able to experience via a choreographic itinerary, played out in the garden of Villa Il Palmerino.

The project, curated by the Il Palmerino Cultural Association, is part of the 'Estate Fiorentino' summertime programme 2022. It is co-funded by the European Union's European Social Fund, within the framework of the "Operational Programme for Metropolitan Cities 2014-2020". The events are created in collaboration with the Impermanence Company, Gada Playhouse, and PHYSALIA, under the patronage of The British Institute of Florence.


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