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Berthe Langweil Noufflard and André Noufflard

Berthe Langweil Noufflard (1886-1971) and André Noufflard (1885-1968), were both painters and students of Jacques Emile Blanche. B. Noufflard was a French impressionist portraitist but dabbled in many different types of painting. She exhibited at the Salon of the National Society of Fine Arts from 1907 and later at the Salon d'Automne . She studied in 1910 at the Grande-Chaumière with Lucien Simon and met André Noufflard, a painter who frequented the Parisian artistic social scene and who she went on to marry in 1911. A. Noufflard, born in Florence, was an Italo-French impressionist and modernist painter whose work consisted mostly of landscapes. He studied law in Rome and Perugia. In 1907, however, he made the decision to dedicate himself to painting,

with which he had been engaged in for all of his life.

The two met Vernon Lee at Il Palmerino in 1925. B. Noufflard painted a portrait of Vernon Lee in 1934. At the time, Vernon Lee was 70 and B. Noufflard was 39, and from then on, theft became great friends, their friendship fueled by their shared intellectual interests and literary pursuits. They also had several mutual friends and common intellectual and artistic circles. Every year until her death, Vernon would go on to visit the couple and their daughters at their estate in Fresnay-le-Long or at their home in Paris.


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