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2020 / 'Lost Art of Women' filming event

Il Palmerino Cultural Association plays backdrop for the filming of Lost Art of Women', a German documentary, released in 2021.

Lost Art of Women Director Susanne Radelhof and her team 'on location' at Il Palmerino

Director Susanne Radelhof, describes the production as a film is “about women artists who have been forgotten for a long time. Our approach is to narrate 100 years of women’s art history from Impressionism to the Avant guard and we are talking mainly to museum curators in Germany, France, England and Italy who deal with this topic. The question is how can we integrate women into the cannon and how can we speak of them separately?”

A glimpse of an artwork awaiting restoration from a Florentine family archive

The discussion also expanded to the work of Il Palmerino's long-time sister organisation Advancing Women Artists. Produced by Koberstein Film, it debuted in June 2021 on, with glimpses of Il Palmerino, a venue whose history is deeply intertwined with female creativity in the visual arts and literature. Fortuitously, the film crew was in town for the inauguration of Victoria Slitchter's 2020 show, 'The Oltrarno Gaze'.

One of the programme's protagonists Natalja Gontscharowa / Komposition, 1913-14, Centre Pompidou

From the synopsis: “Lost Women Art pays homage to great female art and visionary female artists – such as impressionist Berthe Morisot, front woman of the Russaian avant-garde Natalja Gontscharowa, or pioneer of abstraction Hilma af Klint.”


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